Very interesting US Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Serial no. 70772 puts the manufacture date approx. september of 1876 in very good condition the stock has some engravings or carvings on the stock 25D, kill, Robt Ford, also notches above the comb on the stock. and has property of Kansas stamped on the top of the barrel not sure if the etchings on the stock go back to the 1800's but they appear to ...
WW2 Springfield Armory M1 Garand serial # 2,039,xxx. 12/47 SA replacement barrel, ME 2.75 (after recrown) TE 4+, slightly frosty bore but in good servicable condition. Barrel has been recrowned. This is a CMP field grade with mostly SA parts. It comes with CMP certificate, hang tag, web sling and black hard case. Stock is dark Beech with a proof P on grip but no Cartouches. Hand guards are waln...
WW2 Springfield Armory M1 Garand ser. # 2,963,xxx. 3/'44 SA barrel is original, chamber is in the white, bore is shiny but a little frosted toward the muzzle end, Lands are sharp, crown is good, ME=3, TE=4 shows wear but is in good servicable condition. Walnut stock has no proof marks or cartouches but has beautiful grain with good lock-up. Walnut handguards are in good shape, front has a repai...
Thompson Center Encore black synthetic rifle stock set and 300 win mag barrel. Frame not encluded. Also, 20 rounds of Hornady factory ammunition included. $250
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